How many times have you pondered about starting a website but you weren't sure if you could pay for it? Many established and start-up website owners are finding saving space on their website for advertising is a profitable way to cover the website costs as well as a way to draw in traffic.

Google AdSense is a service that allows any qualified website to carry Google Adword ads by over 150,000 advertisers. You could think of AdSense as an agency suggesting advertisers for your magazine. Rather than convincing these advertisers to place their ads in your magazine, your website is reviewed by Google AdSense and served with relevant ads. As long as the shoe fits, you can place these ads in your publication at no cost. You choose the advertisement from an approved selection and you don'thave to display an advertisement from a close competitor.

Now the question is how do you maximize the appearance of your site to qualify for the best ads? When AdSense scans your site, it's looking for certain criteria. For the most part, Google is searching for well-constructed, expert "content" and a low number of broken links and "underconstruction" pages. It's not easy to pinpoint what AdSense Mediabot is precisely looking for in content since the criteria changes frequently. The safest way to establish high quality content is to use lots of relevant phrases and keywords. To see the latest guidelines go to Typically, all "questionable" material like profane language or sexualcontent is rejected. Additionally, Google Adword advertsmay not be displayed on directory sites.

You can increase the odds of getting the best Adword ads by using content that's highly relevant to the highest paying Adword ads. By working on your content, you create a win-win situation. In other words, if you offer relevant content, most visitors will be drawn to your site through search engines and then visitors are more motivated to follow up by clicking on these ads. Further more, a higher proportion of visitors will return to your site since they view you as an expert on the topic. Lots of sites offer free content that pertain to your site's content that you can include as a page in your site. Some of these locations are and However, if you can provide it, original content is far better. Once AdSense Mediabot approves your site, you select from ad styles and paste an AdSense code into your web page. The styles of Adword ads that traditionally get the best clicks are "skyscraper" and "leader board" style ads. While some Internet experts feel this approach to content and advertising is compromising integrity, many advertisers and website publishers see this approach as increasing the ability for visitors to get what they're looking for.

A site ends up building revenue whenever a visitor clicks onthe ads. Some ads pay a penny per click; others pay up to $5 or more per click. You can check your built-up revenueby logging into your account at AdSense. Is AdSense rightfor your site? From website publishers like to blog gurus, many website owners are finding AdSense makes their online presence affordable and profitable.

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