Firefox 1.5 beta released to public

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September 9, 2005 

Firefox 1.5 Beta logo.

The "Deer Park" version of the Mozilla Foundation's web browser Firefox, edition 1.5 beta, is now available for download.

New or improved features include:

User can feel even more secure with Firefox, as the program will come with a Safe Mode version. Remaining security issues presented in previous editions of the program have been properly solved. Personal privacy is even greater, with the "Clear Private Data" feature. Improvements in the browser's pop-up blocker has greater control over the intrusive advertising.

Updating the free browser will be easier than ever in the future, as users can choose to allow the program's "Automated update" feature to take affect. Those who still want control over Firefox's improvements to the program can still download manually; notification of such updates are now more prominent, and updates are considerably smaller.

Most Mac OS X (10.2+) users will now be able to allow for profile migration from Apple's own browser, Safari, and market leader Internet Explorer.

There will be a second beta edition released, before Mozilla releases an acutal stable public version.

Chris Beard, head of products and marketing at Mozilla, told TechWorld "We've had a pretty successful year following the launch of Firefox 1.0 and we're continuing to see very strong demand."


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